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Glasgow Subway will not reopen on time after works delay

Flooded area in subway Image copyright SPT
Image caption Flooded areas on the subway route has proved problematic for those working on it

The Glasgow Subway modernisation works will not be completed on time.

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) has confirmed to the BBC that the contractor Colas Rail, which is working on the renewal works, will need extra time to complete the project.

The Subway had been suspended from 2 July and was due to reopen on 1 August.

SPT is now trying to confirm when the system will be functioning again, but it is thought the work could take a further two weeks.

The Subway operator said it has taken the contractor longer than expected to replace concrete in the tunnels, and work has been delayed by heavy rain in the past few weeks which flooded some areas.

If works overrun by a fortnight then the subway will have been closed for a total of six weeks.

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Media captionGlasgow Subway reopening delayed

The Scottish Premiership season kicks off on Saturday, August 6.

The World Pipe Band Championships are being held in the city on Saturday, 13 August, while pupils are due back at school in Glasgow two days after that.

Eric Stewart, SPT Assistant Chief Executive of Operations, said: "This is the most significant engineering aspect of the whole modernisation programme which is being built to last for another 40 years.

"This is a regrettable position and we are working with the contractor to pull back some of this lost time, as we endeavour to minimise any further disruption to our passengers.

"We apologise to all our passengers for this inconvenience."

Glasgow Subway under renovation

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Image caption A digger accesses the tunnel area and breaks up the concrete
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Image caption Work on the subway has been extensive and was due to finish at the beginning of August
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Image caption Workers have been laying dozens of metres of track
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Image caption Tonnes of broken concrete has been piled in the subway tunnels