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Fans angry after Siri says Rangers are four years old


Fans have been left angry after discovering the iPhone personal assistant says Rangers was founded in 2012.

The question is a source of taunts from fans of other clubs.

When the Siri voice-activated assistant is asked "When were Rangers founded?" it replies "Wednesday, December 19, 2012" instead of the 1872 date Rangers began.

Siri is taking its information from the Wolfram Alpha search engine.

The 2012 reply refers to the initial public offering on the stock exchange.

Rangers Football Club plc entered administration in February 2012 and were subsequently liquidated under the ownership of Craig Whyte.

Web searches

The club's assets were bought for £5.5m in June 2012 by a consortium led by former Sheffield United chief executive Charles Green.

Rangers then played in the bottom tier of Scottish football before gaining promotions through the divisions to secure their place in the Premiership.

Other variations of the question do bring up web searches with fuller information on the history of the club.

The Siri response has seen fans exchanging banter online. One posted: "Siri might not say so, but FIFA and UEFA still say we're the same club...."

Google's voice search returns a date of March 1872.