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Bishopbriggs goes tropical on Google Maps page

Bishopbriggs page on Google Maps Image copyright Google Maps
Image caption Google Maps displays the inviting image on its page for Bishopbriggs

A town near Glasgow has gone a bit tropical on Google Maps - as Scotland is set to swelter in rising temperatures.

The listing for Bishopbriggs, in East Dunbartonshire, shows turquoise seas, beach huts and lush vegetation.

The Google Maps image appears to have come from the Constance Le Prince Maurice resort on Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

The mix-up comes as 28C temperatures and storm are forecast for Tuesday.

A Google spokesperson admitted the pictorial error and said: "Looks like we got a little overexcited about this week's heatwave. We're fixing the photo now."

Image copyright Google Maps
Image caption A slightly mistier view of the centre of town in Bishopbriggs

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