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Facebook boasts snare Glasgow Airport stun gun smuggler

A man who was seized smuggling stun guns disguised as mobile phones was caught after boasting on social media.

Henry Morton, 37, from Paisley, was found with the weapons at Glasgow Airport on 16 September 2014.

He claimed he thought they were phones but pleaded guilty after Facebook posts showed him discharging the stun guns.

At the High Court in Edinburgh, Morton was remanded in custody while a judge decides if he should face the mandatory five years for firearms offences.

'Serious offence'

Lord Ericht refused to continue Morton's bail and said: "It is a serious offence with a serious custodial sentence."

The judge said further thought would have to be given to whether the mandatory prison term is imposed.

The court heard that Morton was detained after his baggage was searched by customs officers who found the two stun guns hidden in a jumper.

After he was charged over the illegal importation, Morton replied: "Well, where's the evidence."

Facebook videos were later found in which Morton revealed he was at a resort in Bulgaria.

In the clip he said: "I just went to the supermarket today and I bought, as you can see, a nice iphone4s. How would you like to have one of these yourself?"

Morton then demonstrated the weapon, which can discharge about 5,000 volts, on film, before saying that anyone who opposes him "will get tasered and that's the truth".

In further incriminating footage he was heard saying: "Got an iphone 4 but it's no, it's a shocker."

Morton also posted on his Facebook page that he was in Bulgaria and was going to bring back stun guns to the UK to sell for £300 each.

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