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Man admits stalking charge over naked photos of ex-lover

A man who posted naked photos of his ex-girlfriend on the internet and later harassed her outside her Glasgow flat has admitted a charge of stalking.

Brian McCoo, 27, met the 26-year-old on a dating website but she ended their relationship early last year.

She later emailed him from abroad to say she was seeing another man.

McCoo admitted abusive behaviour and posting naked pictures of the woman on Facebook after she refused to take him back. He will be sentenced later.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that McCoo did not initially seem fazed by the break-up but later turned up at the woman's home in tears.

The woman travelled to Argentina last year then emailed him to say she was seeing another man.

Intimate pictures

McCoo became enraged at the news and threatened to get his revenge by posting online naked photos of the woman she had sent while they were together.

The court heard McCoo later set up a fake Facebook page in her name - with a number of intimate pictures.

The woman was completely unaware until a relative contacted her in South America to say what had happened.

Meanwhile, McCoo, from Barrhead, East Renfrewshire, contacted the woman and sent her a string of abusive messages.

This included one in which he claimed her new boyfriend was "not going to be there" when she returned home.

He also made a host of insults later adding: "I am desperate...please stop seeing him.

"This is brutal. You would not treat lab rats with this kind of malice."

Victim 'froze'

Despite the Facebook page - which was soon removed - the woman did not initially want to see McCoo in trouble.

It is not known how many people saw the photos before they were taken down.

After returning to Glasgow, the woman was heading to her flat when she became aware of McCoo outside.

The court heard the woman was "frightened" and "froze" as McCoo yelled at her.

He ignored her pleas to leave her alone and she eventually fled and later called the police.

The court heard the woman was unable to stay in her flat for a week as she was in fear of McCoo.

Prosecutors have moved to have him made the subject of a non-harassment order stopping him from contacting his ex.

Sheriff Paul Crozier is expected to make a decision on that when McCoo is sentenced next month.

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