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Women admit 50 Shades of Grey Glasgow cinema attack

The Grosvenor Cinema and Fifty Shades of Grey poster Image copyright Google and PA

Two women have admitted attacking a couple at Glasgow's Grosvenor cinema during a Valentine's Day showing of the film, Fifty Shades of Grey last year.

Isabel Munro, 52, Phyllis Ross, 52 and Carolanne Munro, 32, were asked to stop making "sexually explicit" remarks by Jacqueline Coia and her husband Martin.

Isabel Munro assaulted them and another woman. Carolanne Munro swore and acted aggressively and Ross attacked Mr Coia.

Sentence on all three was deferred over the incident on 14 February 2015.

Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that the women were part of a group of six who had been socialising in the afternoon before the film at 17:40.

Wine thrown

Mr and Mrs Coia were sitting beside the women in the cinema, and had to walk by them to leave.

During the film, the Coia's asked the women to refrain from making noise and talking after some "sexually explicit" remarks were made.

When the couple got up to leave, Carolanne Munro commented to Mrs Coia about her complaining during the film.

Seconds later Mrs Coia "found herself on the ground" towards the aisle, where Isabel Munro was sitting.

The court heard that Isabel Munro threw wine over Mrs Coia, hit her on the head and pulled her by the hair towards the ground where she continued to strike her on the head and body.

Mrs Coia suffered a bloodied nose, bruising and a slight loss of hair.

Mr Coia was also attacked and suffered scratches on the head, which is understood to have been by Munro and he was pulled to the ground "almost on top" of his wife.

Both Munro and Ross continued to repeatedly hit him at the same time as his wife was being assaulted.

Cinema arrests

Mr Coia also suffered a bloodied nose and had scratch marks on his face and bruising on his legs and torso.

The court was told that passing police officers were summoned to the cinema and the three women were detained or arrested.

As Isabel Munro was being lead out of the cinema she assaulted another woman who allegedly laughed at her.

Carolanne Munro began to act aggressively towards police and shouted and swore.

Isabel Munro, from Blairdardie admitted assaulting Mr and Mrs Coia and assaulting Nicola Doris.

Phyllis Ross, from Partick, admitted assaulting Mr Coia.

Carolanne Munro, also from Blairdardie admitted shouting, swearing and behaving in an aggressive manner. Her not-guilty pleas to the assault charges relating to the Coias were accepted.

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