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Glasgow bin lorry crash driver Harry Clarke in court on dangerous driving charge

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The driver of the bin lorry that crashed in Glasgow in December 2014 killing six people has appeared in court on dangerous driving charges.

Harry Clarke, 59, allegedly drove a car dangerously on 20 September 2015 knowing he had had two previous medical incidents.

Mr Clarke made no plea or declaration when he appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

He was released on bail pending further investigations.

Mr Clarke faces an alternative charge of culpably and recklessly driving the vehicle on 20 September.

He is also accused of committing fraud between June and September 2015 by pretending to an insurance company that he had a driving licence when it had been revoked.

Clarke, from Baillieston in Glasgow, faces a further charge of making a false statement in an application for insurance in May 2015.

'Loss of consciousness'

Papers from the court allege that on 20 September, on Buchanan Street, Baillieston, and elsewhere he drove a car dangerously.

The charge alleges that he did so in the knowledge "on 7 April 2010 you had suffered a loss of consciousness or an episode of altered awareness when behind the wheel of stationary bus".

It also claims that he drove knowing "on 22 December 2014 you had suffered a loss of consciousness when behind the wheel of a moving refuse collection vehicle resulting in the deaths of six members of the public and injury to 15 further members of the public".

The charge further alleges that as a result of the two matters his licence was revoked on 27 June 2015 for 12 months and he knew or ought to have known that he was unfit to drive and that there was a "real risk of suffering a loss of consciousness or episode of altered awareness whilst driving".

The alternative charge alleges that the driving was "culpable and reckless".

It is expected Mr Clarke will return to court at a later date.

Clarke was driving the bin lorry on 22 December 2014 when he lost control of it and careered into six people, killing them.

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