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Drug dealer Raymond Hussain threw cash away during chase

A drug dealer who threw away thousands of pounds in cash while being chased by police has been jailed for six years.

Raymond Hussain, 30, tossed £2,580, and another man discarded £600, as they were pursued through Dumbarton on 29 September last year.

The incident unfolded after Hussain failed to stop his car when signalled by police.

At the High Court in Glasgow, he admitted supplying cannabis resin and clephedrone and dangerous driving.

Hussain was originally charged with attempting to murder PC David McGuire, by driving his car at him, but his plea of not guilty to that charge was accepted and he admitted the lesser charge of assault by driving a car towards him.

Judge Bill Dunlop QC also ordered the car Hussain was driving to be forfeited.

The court heard that Hussain was seen by police at the car park at Lomond Gate Service Station in conversation with a motor cyclist.

Dangerous manoeuvres

When they saw a police car both vehicles left the car park and Hussain, who was a learner driver, sped off when he was signalled to stop.

During the chase, Hussain performed a number of dangerous overtaking and undertaking manoeuvres at high speed.

He also threw £1,880 out of the car and disposed of another £700 of £20 notes by throwing them over a wall.

When he reached the town's Station Road, police blocked in Hussain's Renault Megane Sport and approached on foot.

He accelerated and mounted the pavement, and PC McGuire had to move out of the way to avoid being struck.

Seconds later Hussain collided with a lamp post and was arrested.

Police who searched the car found two kilos of cannabis resin with a street value of £5,700 and clephedrone with a potential value of up to £20,000.

A further £2,710 in cash was also found in the car.

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