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'Stuntmen' hurt as bike flip fails at Glasgow Hydro

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Media captionAn amateur cameraman caught the accident on film

Two stuntmen have been injured after a motorbike back-flip went wrong at the SSE Hydro arena in Glasgow.

The Nitro Circus performance at the SSE Hydro was halted on Thursday night after three people and a bike rider fell off during an attempted stunt.

All four came off when the bike failed to clear a ramp. The two injured men were later taken to hospital.

The three passengers had been thought to be audience members but the BBC understands they were part of the act.

In a statement, Nitro Circus said: "During Thursday night's Nitro Circus Live show at Glasgow's SSE Hydro Arena, two passengers who sustained injuries during a four-person motorbike back-flip attempt were transported to a nearby hospital.

"One is fine apart from some bruises. The other has a broken jaw and will have surgery on Friday, but is in good spirits and is expected to make a full recovery.

"Nitro Circus considers health and safety its top priority and has expert medical staff on site in the event of an emergency."

Image caption The accident happened durnig a show at Glasgow's Hydro

All four people who took part in the bike stunt had been wearing protective suits and helmets.

The BBC has been told that although they were announced as audience members they were actually stuntmen.

Both injured men were taken to Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

At least one audience member, Lee Halbert, filmed the incident on a mobile phone.

On the video, which was later posted on social media, the MC of the event can be heard saying: "That is the worst crash we have ever had."

'Not planned'

The show was paused while workers and medical staff rushed to the scene and the MC added: "It's obviously not planned - occasionally something can go wrong. It's not meant to go wrong so we're taking a moment."

In the aftermath of the accident, one of the three passengers and the bike rider were able to walk away.

The Scottish Ambulance Service said it took one male patient to Glasgow Royal Infirmary. The other casualty was taken to the same hospital by the venue's private ambulance.

Image caption The Nitro Circus website promises a "spectacular all-new production"

Mr Halbert told the BBC that "everybody who was able was on their feet and cheering the four people on the bike".

He said: "To be honest the fall didn't look too serious but when one of the riders didn't get up you knew something was wrong.

"A team of about 20 people swarmed out of nowhere to help. I think the audience didn't know how to react.

"The announcer kept on talking, calming the situation and reassuring everyone that the riders will receive the best medical attention."

Mr Halbert added: "Two of the riders seemed unharmed, one walked away with a limp and the other got taken away in a stretcher.

"All the time the audience was being assured that the rider still on the floor was ok, still moving his arms and legs and the spinal board was only precautionary."

'A big wow'

Another audience member, Steven Pepper, from Glasgow, told the BBC: "I was at the show with my son. They got the boys out of the crowd. They made jokes and got them on the bike.

"We saw them go up and then fall off. There was a big 'wow' from the crowd.

"Quickly the medics were coming in. No ifs and buts, the medical staff must be given their due.

"The arena camera cut from the bike to the ringmaster who explained the paramedics were on hand."

Mr Pepper added: "The ringmaster said: 'We're due for a break in 10 minutes, we'll have that break early'.

"The show started up for the second half. They said: 'There's been a bad crash, but they're away to hospital'."

Nitro Circus, which describes itself as an action sports entertainment company, is currently touring across Europe.

The event is being staged at London's O2 on Saturday and Sunday before moving to Zurich and Paris.

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