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Patrick Nisbet jailed over stolen car chase smash on M74

A man who crashed a stolen car after a high-speed police chase has been jailed for four years and four months and banned from driving for nine years.

Patrick Nisbet, 24, was pursued through Glasgow in a stolen Jaguar before crashing into a police car on the M74 motorway on 11 August last year.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court he admitted reset of a car, dangerous driving and injuring a police officer.

PC Brian Hogg broke his wrist and injured his spine in the crash.

The court heard that the owners of the Jaguar reported it as stolen on 27 July.

Road chase

Nisbet was captured on CCTV on 3 August putting fuel in the car at a petrol station.

On 11 August, police spotted Nisbet parked at traffic lights on Rigby Street in Glasgow's east end.

When they activated their blue light and siren Nisbet sped off, reaching speeds of up to 60mph.

Officers asked for assistance and the police helicopter was called into action.

Nisbet then made his way from the east end to Charing Cross, through the city centre, during which time he mounted the pavement to manoeuvre round a vehicle.

He then drove back to Rigby Street where waiting police used a procedure to puncture one of the Jaguar's tyres.

Motorway crash

Nisbet, however, carried on and joined the M74 motorway.

He drove at speeds of 98mph, causing debris to fly off the punctured tyre.

The chase came to an end when the Jaguar hit a police car which tried to get in front of it.

PC Brian Hogg was a passenger in the car and was injured in the crash.

Nisbet and his two passengers then fled the scene but police caught up with them a short time later.

The court heard the £39,000 Jaguar was a write-off with £11,900 of damage, two police cars sustained a total of £7,000 of damage and there was about £600 damage to the central reservation on the motorway.

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