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Bust up over bike lane bus stop

Bike lane bus stop Image copyright Gordon Stewart

A cyclist has voiced his anger after a bus stop was placed across a Glasgow bike lane.

Architect and Glasgow Green Cycle Club member Michael Dougall tweeted his ire, saying he had been using the lane since it was completed last year.

The site, between Glasgow Green and the Velodrome, is in a part of the city that was a focus for Commonwealth Games regeneration.

Glasgow City Council said the path was now being rerouted behind the shelter.

The council apologised for the inconvenience and tweeted that the work should be completed this weekend.

Image copyright Michael Dougall

However, Mr Dougall and others questioned what sort of Commonwealth Games legacy this was displaying and whether putting the cycle path into the way of pedestrians was a solution.

Others asked whether carrying out the work at the weekend was a good use of money.

Cyclist Ross McKay said the case highlighted by Mr Dougall was not the only example, with other shelters appearing along the Clyde Gateway.

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Media captionThe bus stop is on the road between Glasgow Green and the Hoy Velodrome

Mr McKay recorded a video while cycling along the lane on the other side of road, describing the shelter's position as "ridiculous".

And here's a selection of some other interesting cycle lanes you've sent in.

Image copyright G Ingram

G Ingram describes this example from Cambuslang as potentially "lethal".

Image copyright Google

Dr Mark Snaith says cyclists end up constantly giving way, as the lights change back and forth at this Dundee crossing.

Image copyright Donald Stirling

This lane at Wilkie Road, in Uddingston, "crosses the carriageway, brings cyclists onto the footway and off!" says Donald Stirling.

Thomas Nugent emailed to say that in addition to the usual "dogs on long, invisible leads and pedestrians in the wrong place, cyclists using the path along Greenock's Esplanade have to avoid crashing into a marine navigation buoy on a concrete plinth".

Do you take two wheels through town? If so, what's the weirdest bit of cycle path you've come across?

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