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Orange parade held in Glasgow

orange parade

A large Orange Order parade has been held in Glasgow city centre.

Traffic restrictions were put in place in some city streets as the annual procession took place to mark the 1690 Battle of the Boyne.

Police said about 7,000 people had attended, with 20 people arrested for minor offences.

The event, which left from Glasgow's Cathedral Square at 09:25, is one of the year's biggest police operations.

Police had earlier urged anyone planning to take part in or watch the parade to "leave the booze and bigotry behind".

'Unwelcome minority'

Ch Supt Andy Bates, of Police Scotland, said the force had been working with the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland to ensure the event was safe.

He said: "Generally it is the unwelcome minority who turn up and use the event as an excuse to drink and cause offence who we have to deal with rather than the marchers themselves.

"We will not tolerate any sectarian or antisocial behaviour nor drinking in public.

"Our message is clear - come along and enjoy the day. However, commit any offence, sectarian or otherwise, and you will be arrested."

'Celebration of heritage'

Eddy Hyde, of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, said: "We once again call upon every member of the Orange Order to enjoy the day with the utmost decorum.

"Our parades are a celebration of our heritage, not an excuse for anyone to criticise anyone else's faith or beliefs."

The parade comes the month after the Order held a day of events in Glasgow's George Square which was dubbed "Orangefest".

More than 27,000 people signed a petition opposing the event, which passed peacefully.

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