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Kevin Carroll murder: 'Gerbil' trial told of phone link

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Image caption Kevin Carroll was killed in an Asda car park in Robroyston

The Kevin "Gerbil" Carroll murder trial has heard a phone thought by police to belong to the accused has been near the scene of the shooting.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that records showed the phone to be near the Asda carpark in Robrosyton in Glasgow.

The phone was then placed travelling to Coatbridge. Guns used in the shooting were found at Coatbridge Library.

William Paterson, 35, denies fatally shooting 29-year-old gangland figure Mr Carroll in Glasgow on 13 January 2010.

The court heard from Dominic Kirsten, a cell site analysis engineer who was asked by the police to examine a number of mobile phones.

He said that two of the numbers he was asked to look at were attributed by police to murder accused William Paterson and two to former accused Ross Monaghan.

Vital call

Mr Kirsten said that using information from network providers, he was able to say which areas the phones were consistent with being in at various times.

He claimed that on the day of the shooting, a phone - believed by police to be Mr Paterson's - "was consistent" with leaving Cumbernauld and travelling to the Robroyston area.

The expert witness added: "The cell used at 1.23pm is consistent with the 1411 mobile being located at or in the scene of the crime in the Asda car park.

"This was when an incoming call was not answered and was forwarded probably to voicemail."

The court heard from the prosecutor that if there had been no call at that time "we would not have had an opportunity to have that bit of information about where that phone 1411 was seconds before the shooting". Mr Kirsten responded: "That's correct."

He told the jury he measured the cell radius and that it "is not a cell that provides extensive coverage".

The court heard that using the cell site analysis the same number was "consistent" with having left the Asda car park and travelling to Coatbridge.

Mr McSporran confirmed with the witness that between 1.27pm and approximately 1.42pm his findings were "consistent" with the 1411 phone leaving Asda car park and travelling to Coatbridge.

Guns location

The court also heard that between 1.42pm and 1.50pm the mobile used masts "consistent" with being "located at or in the vicinity of the place where the guns were found". Mr Kirsten said: "That's correct."

The jury heard that the number ending 1411 was in contact with another number ending in 1374 and there was contact during the journey.

Mr Kirsten said the numbers were in contact and the analysis showed it was "consistent" with the 1374 number leaving the Cumbernauld area and travelling to Coatbridge at the same sort of time.

He added that according to his findings, the number ending 1374 was also "consistent" with being in the area of where the guns were at 1.50pm.

The court heard that the cell analysis showed that both numbers were both in the vicinity of Cumbernauld just before 2.10pm that day, although a text message sent indicated they may not have been together at the time.

Mr Paterson denies the charges and has incriminated six other people.

He has lodged a special defence of alibi claiming he was at an address in Cumbernauld at the time of the shooting.

The trial before judge Lord Armstrong continues.

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