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The Who star Roger Daltrey crashes wedding

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Media captionThe wedding band's usual singer Tommy filmed his stand-in on stage

A Scottish couple had an unexpected wedding guest in the shape of rock legend Roger Daltrey.

Susan and Carl Smith had already booked a band to perform at their wedding reception at Mar Hall resort, near Bishopton, Renfrewshire.

The Who star was also staying at the hotel ahead of a gig at the Hydro on Sunday evening.

Jumping on stage, the singer gave an impromptu performance for the delighted couple.

'So surreal'

The newly-weds spoke of their joy at the experience on Facebook, with Mrs Smith posting: "Absolutely overwhelming! The story we will be telling for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much x."

Her new husband was similarly overwhelmed, writing: "Can't believe it happened. Feels so surreal. Thank you so much, you made our perfect day even better, a gent and a legend".

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Image caption The happy couple posted a picture on Facebook immediately after Roger Daltrey's performance

Graeme Allan, lead guitarist of The Milestone, the band the couple had booked to perform at their reception, spoke of his disbelief at getting to perform with his hero.

Speaking on BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland programme, he said: "Basically we were coming towards the end of our set and we were sort of halfway through a song.

"I remember looking over to the side of the dance floor and a wedding guest was actually walking with Roger [Daltrey], coming towards the band."

'So gobsmacked'

He said the wedding band was "so gobsmacked" to see The Who front man that they stopped playing.

"Roger came up and he took the mike and he congratulated the bride and groom," he said.

"Because the groom had served in the parachute regiment he also mentioned them as well. Then he turned to the band and he said, 'I was through next door and I heard the band and they're brilliant, so I had to come through'."

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Image caption Milestone, the booked wedding band were thrilled to duet on 'I Can't Explain' with The Who star

Although flattered after receiving a compliment from the superstar, Mr Allan said: "He [Roger] turned to us and went 'Do you wanna do a song?'

"I could'nae comprehend what was happening. At first I was like - 'He's wanting to do a song with us?' I was looking at the bass player saying 'What's is going on here?'."

He did not have to ask the rock legend 'Who Are You'?

"I recognised him straight away", Mr Allan said. "The band are massive Who fans.

"Personally I first picked up a guitar because of bands like The Who so I was a little awestruck."

'I can't explain'

When it come to choosing a song for Milestone and Daltrey to duet on, Mr Allan said 'I Can't Explain' -the band's 1964 hit single - was an obviously choice.

And not just because its title was so apt for the extraordinary situation that had arisen.

Mr Allan said: "To be honest we don't actually do any Who songs, but I've played 'I Can't Explain' before and it was The Who's first single.

"We were kinda busking it. I don't know if I knew what the chords were but it was like an out-of-body experience - my hands just kind of took over.

"I just tried to get through it as best as I could," he added.

And despite having experienced several brushes with fame in the past, it has been meeting Roger Daltrey that has made Mr Allan a "Happy Jack".

"In the past we've met Mumford and Sons and PC Plum from Balamory," he said.

"But his [Daltrey's] presence was huge I can't even begin to tell you. There's not many people that would do that to me."

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