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Man who tortured robbery victim jailed for five years

A man who took part in a torture attack on a robbery victim has been jailed for five years at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Stewart Bain, 23, and accomplice David Brown, 36, attacked Martin Gillett when he was visiting a friend in Larkhall, South Lanarkshire.

The two men subjected the victim to a violent attack including beating him repeatedly and robbing him.

Mr Gillett suffered severe injuries and permanent disfigurement.

'Significant' offence

Mr Gillett was repeatedly punched on the head and body and forced to walk to a cash machine to withdraw £350.

He was then hit on the head and body with a hedge trimmer and a staple gun at a house in Machanhill in Larkhall.

Mr Gillett was repeatedly punched and kicked, and robbed of a key and a vehicle. He was tied to a chair and had accelerant poured over him and boiling water poured into his ear.

Bain was earlier convicted of assaulting the victim to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement, as well as robbing him, in May last year.

The Lord Justice Clerk, Lord Carloway, told him: "You have been convicted of a significant offence."

The judge noted that Bain had "a much lesser criminal record" than Brown, who had earlier been jailed for six years by another judge.

Lord Stewart told Brown: "The assault was unprovoked and showed both a degree of planning and calculated cruelty."

He said the attack was prolonged and the violence was "exceptional".

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