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Scottish independence: Glasgow votes 'Yes'

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image captionThe majority of voters in Glasgow voted "Yes"

Glasgow was among the significant victories for the "Yes" campaign in Thursday's referendum.

A total of 53.49% of the electorate in Scotland's largest city backed independence, although turnout was lower than in other areas at 75%.

Before accepting defeat nationally, First Minister Alex Salmond thanked the city for its "incredible support".

Elsewhere in the west of Scotland, West Dunbartonshire also backed "Yes", but all other council areas voted "No".

Mr Salmond tweeted: "Well done to Glasgow, our commonwealth city, and to the people of Scotland for such a incredible support."

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image captionIndependence supporters gathered in George Square on Thursday night

The biggest victories for "No" in the west were in East Renfrewshire, where 63.19% of voters rejected independence and East Dunbartonshire, where 61.20% voted No.

Nick Eardley

BBC News Online

Glasgow's Buchanan Street feels very different this morning.

For the past week, it has been full of activists, fighting to get their message across. It seemed like every second person was wearing a campaign badge - most of them "Yes", but a significant number "No" ones too. Just 48 hours ago, Yes campaigners were jubilant as they stood outside the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall to hear Blair Jenkins declare his confidence they would win.

This morning, under grey skies, there is almost no sign of the referendum, with the exception of some discarded campaign material. Not a single person wearing a campaign badge was visible. Even a pro-independence sticker, cheekily stuck to a statue of Donald Dewar, the architect of devolution, had been removed.

A few minutes away is George Square. For the last three nights, thousands of Glaswegians have gathered there to show their support for independence. On Friday morning, just a couple dozen remained; the ecstasy of a vibrant campaign replaced with desolation.

Andrew Mansell, 21, from the city's Southside was one. He said he was "devastated" by the result.

"We bottled it at the only opportunity we had", he said.

But others were happy at the result. Debbie Durnen, 49, was one, but she does admit the atmosphere has changed. That is in part because "No" voters have been more reserved, she said. "I would say that quite a lot of no voters are like that."

Friends Steven Carson,19, and Daniel Salked, 21, both said they were "quite happy" at the outcome. They too agreed the atmosphere in this city had changed. "It is a bit dead", Daniel said. "Most people are unhappy about it. Most of them are 'Yes' voters."

The atmosphere that made this city such an exciting place to be in the run up to Scotland's vote is gone. Business as usual perhaps doesn't need the same fanfare. Central Glasgow is back to normal.

Argyll and Bute and saw 58.52% of voters back "No".

Deputy First Minister Nicola said at the Glasgow count: "I'm absolutely thrilled at the 'Yes' vote in Glasgow. This is our biggest city and it has voted 'Yes'.

"I'm obviously deeply disappointed that it looks as if we, overall, are not going to secure a 'Yes' vote, that we will fall narrowly short of that."

On Thursday night, thousands of "Yes" supporters gathered in Glasgow's George Square before the result.

Officials at the count in Glasgow also said they are investigating 10 cases of suspected electoral fraud at polling stations.

West of Scotland results

Glasgow - Yes 53.49% No 46.51%

Argyll and Bute - Yes 41.48% No 58.52%

Inverclyde - Yes 49.92% No 50.08%

Renfrewshire - Yes 47.19% No 52.81%

West Dunbartonshire - Yes 53.96% 46.04%

East Dunbartonshire - Yes 38.80% 61.20%

East Renfrewshire - Yes 36.81% 63.19%

North Lanarkshire - Yes 51.07% No 48.93%

North Ayrshire - Yes 48.99% No 51.01%

East Ayrshire - Yes 47.22% 52.78%

South Ayrshire - Yes 42.13% No 57.87%

South Lanarkshire - Yes 45.33% No 54.67%

You can see results from around the country here.

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