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Glasgow 2014: Usain Bolt transcript published by The Times

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image captionBolt told reporters he thought the Games were "awesome" after watching a netball match at the SECC on Wednesday

The Times has released its transcript of a conversation in which it claimed Usain Bolt made disparaging remarks about the Commonwealth Games.

The newspaper reported on Wednesday that the Olympic 100m champion said he was not enjoying the Glasgow Games.

But Bolt described the article as "nonsense" and "lies" on Twitter and later told reporters the Games were "awesome".

The Times has now published its full account of the brief conversation.

The newspaper's Scottish editor, Angus Macleod, said: "We stand by this story 100%. We have utter confidence in this story."

The Times claimed that the 100m world record holder had been waiting in the rain for his car to arrive shortly after meeting members of the royal family at the athletes' village on Tuesday when he was approached by reporter Katie Gibbons.

It said the brief encounter between the Jamaican sprinter and Ms Gibbons proceeded as follows:

Katie Gibbons (KG): Hi Usain, I'm Katie Gibbons, a reporter from The Times. Nice to meet you.

Usain Bolt (UB): Hi.

KG: How are you?

UB: (Shrugs)

KG: So are you enjoying the games? Are you having fun?

UB: No.

KG: Really, why not?

UB: I'm just not... it's a bit shit. (Shrugs, looks up to grey sky).

KG: What do you mean?

UB: I've only been here two days.

KG: Is it like the Olympics?

UB: Nah. Olympics were better.

KG: Really, how?

UB: (Shrugs).

KG: Where are you off to now?

UB: To do some business.

Bolt took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to dismiss the newspaper's account of the conversation, writing: "I'm waking up to this nonsense.. journalist please don't create lies to make headlines".

His manager, Ricky Simms, also told the BBC the newspaper allegations were "utter rubbish".

Mr Simms added: "The atmosphere in and around the stadiums has been absolutely fantastic and I have absolutely no idea where these quotes have come from."

Later on Wednesday, Bolt turned up at the SECC to watch Jamaica play New Zealand at netball, but did not comment on the Times article.

The 27-year-old athlete appeared relaxed, posing for photographs and signing autographs before joining in with a Mexican wave.

As he left the venue, he shouted "awesome" to reporters who asked how he felt about the Games.

Bolt, who has never before competed in a Commonwealth Games, will not participate in any individual events in Glasgow 2014.

However, he has agreed to run in the heats of the sprint relay on Friday. The final will be held at Hampden Park on Saturday.

The arrival of the six-time Olympic champion in Glasgow at the weekend sparked a media frenzy, with Bolt facing a barrage of questions on subjects ranging from the respective political situations in Scotland and Gaza (no comment on either) to whether he wanted to play football for Manchester United (yes).

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