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Mini 'tornado' spotted in the Gorbals

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Media captionA whirlwind is filmed swirling through a car park in the Gorbals area of Glasgow

A mini "tornado" has been caught on camera swirling through a car park in the Gorbals area of Glasgow.

James Anderson spotted the twister whipping up dust and rubbish outside the Gorbals MOT garage on Bedford Street on Thursday.

He grabbed his phone and began filming as the column of dust swirled around.

The mini-twisters, or "dust devils", are caused by a rising column of hot air that begins to rotate as it stretches, throwing up debris.

BBC Scotland weather presenter Gillian Smart said: "Most tornadoes are associated with thunderstorms - dust devils are caused by rapidly rising air on a warm, sunny day - perhaps that's why we don't see too many of them in Scotland.

"They're most likely to form on a flat surface, and dusty or sandy conditions will cause particles and small debris to become caught up in the vortex, making the dust devil easily visible.

"They're usually harmless, but can on rare occasions grow large enough to cause damage."

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