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Stuart Campbell jailed for storing machine gun and bullets

A man who was caught storing a sub machine gun and ammunition in a lock-up garage has been jailed for five years.

Stuart Campbell admitted possessing the Sten Mark II weapon and magazines of ammunition, at the garage in Abbeylands Road, Clydebank, on 1 May last year.

The weapon was capable of firing ammunition both in self-loading and fully automatic modes.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard Campbell agreed to store the items to clear a debt of £5,000.

'Out of character'

Jailing him, judge Lord Boyd told Stuart Campbell: "You have pled guilty to very serious offences under the Firearms Act."

"You had in your possession a Sten Mark II sub machine gun together with 12 bullets that could be fired from the gun."

The judge added: "Such a weapon has the potential to cause great harm, including, of course, death."

Lord Boyd said he considered it a particularly serious offence because of the nature of the weapon and that it was found with ammunition.

But the judge said he was also prepared to accept that the crime was "out of character" for Campbell and added he was prepared to limit the jail term to the minimum period set by parliament.

Campbell, from Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, declined to name the person who approached him to store the weapon and ammunition.

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