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Elizabeth Brady jailed for stabbing partner John Brown

A woman who stabbed her partner in the neck following a row about a mobile phone has been jailed for two years.

Elizabeth Brady, 30, admitted stabbing John Brown at their flat in Glasgow's Easterhouse area, on 27 July 2013.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that Brady displays symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.

It was said she may have attacked Mr Brown - who had never harmed her - after suffering eight years of domestic violence from a previous partner.

Brady was originally charged with attempted murder but the Crown accepted her guilty plea to the reduced charge of assault to severe injury and danger of life.

Threat to life

The court heard that following the row between the couple, Brady went to the kitchen and armed herself with a knife after Mr Brown tried to prevent her leaving the flat.

Shortly afterwards she told her mother: "I've stabbed John."

The court heard that Mr Brown is now scarred for life. Doctors said his life was in danger and if he had not received prompt medical treatment he could have died.

Defence counsel Allan Macleod said: "As a result of an abusive relationship which Miss Brady was in she has developed post-traumatic stress disorder.

"Mr Brown has never behaved in a violent way towards her and has been good to her."

Mr Macleod added that the stress of rowing with Mr Brown may have brought back the trauma she suffered.

'Instinctive reactions'

He said: "She wanted to leave and he prevented her from doing so because he wanted her to stay with him. She went into the kitchen and picked up a knife. She accepts she is responsible for his injury and is very remorseful. This is completely out of character.

"Post traumatic stress disorder is triggered by flashbacks. Being in an argument with her new partner her reactions are likely to have been instinctive."

The court was told that Mr Brown had forgiven Brady and had been to see her in Cornton Vale prison.

Judge Lord Turnbull told her he would take into account that she had been the victim of sustained violence in the past and added: "It would be right to give you the benefit of the doubt."

He added: "You display a number of symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, you are genuinely remorseful.

"You have the enduring support of your mother and the ongoing support and understanding of Mr Brown."

The judge said that, but for her early guilty plea, Brady would have been jailed for three years.

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