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Marek Kepczynski jailed for brutal murder of Mark Giudici

A Polish man who brutally murdered a Scot who had acted as his translator at a party has been jailed for life.

Marek Kepczynski, 45, punched, kicked and stamped on Mark Giudici before strangling him on 9 June last year.

He claimed to have acted in self defence but was convicted of murdering 42-year-old Mr Giudici at his flat in Toryglen, South Lanarkshire.

Kepczynski was told he must serve at least 14 years in prison before he can apply for parole.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that the Polish immigrant had met Mr Giudici at a party earlier that day.

Multiple injuries

The victim, who had spent years working in Poland, felt sorry for Kepczynski and acted as his translator and introduced him to friends.

A group later went back to Mr Giudici's flat, where Kepczynski was left alone with the host after other guests left.

At some point he turned on Mr Giudici and gave him a savage beating which resulted in the forklift driver sustaining 31 separate injuries.

Kepczynski then went to a friend's house and told them Mr Giudici's body was lying in the flat.

Police later arrested him but he denied killing the victim and claimed to have acted in self-defence.

Temporary judge John Beckett QC told Kepczynski that he was being jailed for life.

He said Mr Giudici had acted as the killer's translator, allowing him to take part in the socialising.

"He showed you hospitality, and yet for some obscure reason you strangled him with your hands," he said.

Judge Beckett added that he had read statements that had been provided to the court by the victim's grieving family.

"It is clear that their loss has had a profound effect to them practically and emotionally," he said.

"His parents tell of their loss and how they have suffered. His fiancee tells how she has lost a loved one and his daughter has told of how she has suffered a great loss."

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