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Matthew Fleming given animal ban for dog neglect

Emaciated dog, Edge Image copyright Scottish SPCA
Image caption Greyhound Edge was put to sleep after being found in an emaciated condition

A man who neglected a dog which was put down after being found emaciated in its own dirt has been fined £750 and banned from owning animals for eight years.

Matthew Fleming, from Stonehouse, South Lanarkshire, admitted failing to provide nutrition and seek veterinary help for his 13-year-old greyhound.

Hamilton Sheriff Court heard the dog, named Edge, was found in a cupboard and could not stand or lift its head.

It was found during an investigation by the Scottish SPCA.

Gillian Dick, an inspector with the animal charity, said: "When I arrived at Fleming's property, Edge was lying in a cupboard in his own excrement. He was unable to stand and was so weak he was struggling to lift his head.

"Edge was severely emaciated and all his bones were visible and protruding through his skin. There was no fat or muscle tone on his body whatsoever and he had faeces in his teeth.

Severe condition

"He also had pressure sores as a result of having no body fat and being unable to move for long periods of time."

Inspector Dick said she took the dog to a vet "who decided his condition was so severe there was no choice but to put him to sleep to end his suffering".

She said that during questioning, Fleming admitted being aware that the dog had been in poor health for a month and in a collapsed state five days prior to discovery.

She added: "Fleming failed to provide even the most basic level of needs for Edge, to the extent he resorted to eating his own faeces in a pitiful attempt to gain some form of sustenance.

"I hope Fleming will now be able to reflect on this case and the consequences of his failure to provide Edge with nutrition and veterinary attention.

"We also hope he will give serious consideration over his ability to care for any other animal once his eight year ban is over."

Fleming pleaded guilty to failing to provide adequate nutrition and necessary veterinary attention contrary to the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006.

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