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John Jeffs admits stabbing wife Rosalind in the back

A man has admitted stabbing his wife in the back and then telling police: "Next time she will need a coroner."

John Jeffs admitted assaulting his wife Rosalind to the danger of her life at their home in Glasgow's Easterhouse area on 6 October.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that the victim suffered a collapsed lung and permanent scarring.

Temporary judge Bill Dunlop QC deferred sentence on 47-year-old Jeffs, who was returned to custody.

The judge told Jeffs: "This was a brutal and savage attack on your wife when she had her back turned to you.

Relationship breakdown

"You are extremely lucky, in my opinion, in the plea accepted by the Crown.

"What concerns me are the threats you made which caused me to wonder what risk you may continue to pose."

The court heard that Jeffs and his wife were in a relationship for 20 years and married for nine of those years.

In the months leading up to the attack, their relationship had broken down and Mrs Jeffs had been sleeping on the sofa.

A row developed after she returned home at 07:00 after spending the night at a friend's house following a 40th birthday party.

999 call

Jeffs was very angry and demanded to know where she had been and then followed her into the bathroom with a knife.

As she leaned over the sink to wash her face he stabbed her in the right shoulder and attempted to stab her again during a struggle.

Jeffs then made a 999 call and told the operator he had stabbed his wife in the back.

He was detained by police and later told officers: "She's lucky that's all she got."

He then added: "That was just a warning next time she will need a coroner. I'm surprised I'm not detained for murder."

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