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Scottish SPCA find stuffed toy mistaken for a dog in distress

Stuffed toy
Image caption Officers believe the toy may have been left over from Halloween night

An animal charity which responded to reports of a dog in distress found the animal was in fact a stuffed toy.

The Scottish SPCA received reports that a black and white collie had been hit by a car on Hillington Road, Glasgow, on the morning of 1 November.

When animal rescue officer Kerry Friel arrived she discovered a large stuffed toy dog at the roadside.

The charity believes it may have been left there by a Halloween reveller the previous night.

Ms Friel said: "The toy was large and quite lifelike so I can understand why the person thought this was an animal in need of our help.

"This was the day after Halloween so it's possible the dog was part of a costume.

"We do occasionally receive call-outs of this nature from people with genuine concerns for animals, only to find a toy or ornament.

"In September we were contacted to rescue a distressed owl which actually turned out to be a garden feature.

"I did have a bit of a giggle when I realised the dog wasn't real as I'm used to dealing with injured animals on a daily basis and it can be very upsetting.

"Although this incident turned out to be a false alarm, we'd always encourage people to call our helpline."

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