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Robert Finlayson's mother makes appeal after he is killed by HGV

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Media captionIt is thought the driver of the vehicle might not have known they had hit Mr Finlayson

The mother of a man who was hit by an HGV then dragged underneath it for three miles has appealed for anyone with information about the incident to contact police.

Robert Finlayson, 22, was found dead on the B7078 Carlisle Road in Blackwood, Lanarkshire, on Monday 23 September.

It is thought he had been trying to hitchhike when he was struck.

His mother Angela said his family could not move on until they knew exactly what had happened.

Police believe Mr Finlayson - who was known as Robbie - was hit by an unmarked light-coloured Mercedes Actros tractor unit towing a tri-axle rigid step framed trailer.

They said it was possible the driver was not aware the vehicle had struck him.

Mrs Finlayson said she could not get her son's body back for burial until the police investigation into his death came to a conclusion.

'Sitting waiting'

Describing how she had last seen him on the Saturday before he died, she said: "I said I would see him later that night because I was going to work, and that was the last time I saw him.

"I really just can't put it into words how much we'll miss him, every aspect of his life. How can you put into words how important one person is?

"Some days it's just like he'll be through the door for his dinner, other days we realise that he won't be.

"We can't move on because we can't do anything, we can't put Robbie to rest therefore we are just sitting waiting as well.

"I think for his brothers and for all the rest of the family its important that we have this conclusion, that we all know what happened so that we can piece together Robbie's last movements and understand what happened to him."

Mr Finlayson, from Hamilton, was seen on CCTV at about 04:10, standing on the north side of the over bridge of the M74 motorway Junction 10 and then heading north on the northbound carriageway of the B7078, where it appears he was attempting to hitchhike.

The road was busier than normal because of a diversion from the nearby M74 motorway.

More than 40 vehicles, many of them heavy goods vehicles delivering to large retail outlets, were diverted from the motorway onto the B7078 between 04:00 and 04:30.

Several northbound vehicles were seen moving onto the opposing lane to pass Mr Finlayson safely, but police said he was then struck by a vehicle and carried underneath it for three miles to where his body was found.

Narrow timescale

Mrs Finlayson said: "There's only one thing we can do for Robbie and that is to find out what happened and that everything is dealt with and then be able to bury him.

"We can't do that for him until we get this information that we need, and that comes from the drivers that were on that road that night.

"So that is what we need - for people to come forward and give what information they can about anything they saw.

"Even if they think it is quite trivial it could be important to the police just to pinpoint a time or narrow the timescale down when this accident happened".

Insp Calum Maider, of Police Scotland, emphasised that, although all of the drivers on the road at the time were potential witnesses, he was not looking for an accused or a suspect at this point.

He added: "Our focus at this present time is on a heavy goods vehicle, which I fully believe would have been unaware of striking Robbie.

"We have retrieved an item of front trim from the vehicle. That has been identified as coming from a Mercedes Actros tractor unit, so therefore we are looking for that particular type of vehicle."

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