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Oban lifeboat crew sees yacht hit rocks

Oban lifeboat
Image caption The incident happened close to Maiden Isle just outside Oban Bay

A yacht with a family of four on board was driven onto rocks by a fierce squall - right in front of relaxing lifeboatmen.

The 29ft Westerly Konsort yacht Tangon got grounded on the south side of Maiden Isle just outside Oban Bay.

The local lifeboat crew, who were enjoying a "cup of coffee and a blether" at their station, witnessed the incident.

They immediately launched and helped tow the yacht to safety.

The incident happened at about 12:00 on Sunday.

When the lifeboat arrived at the scene, the local inflatable boat Puffin IV already had a rope attached to the stricken yacht.

The two teenage children on board were transferred to the lifeboat, leaving two adults on board the yacht.

Between them, Puffin IV and the lifeboat managed to pull the yacht off the rocks, and with the further help of a Scottish Fish Farms boat headed for a nearby marina.

Meanwhile, the fishing vessel Marleanne and the Calmac ferry Isle of Mull - both of whom had diverted to assist in the rescue - were able to return to their original courses.

A spokesman for Oban Lifeboat Station said: "It is heartening to note that the lifeboat and four other vessels immediately launched to assist the yacht in fairly fresh conditions.

"Tangon, which was severely damaged, was immediately taken ashore in a cradle at Oban Marina for inspection and repair."

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