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Gerrard Carr guilty of 'bacon sandwich row' sex attack

A man has been convicted of attacking and sexually assaulting a woman over claims she spat on his bacon sandwich.

Gerrard Carr, 36, indecently assaulted the woman, punched and kicked her, and repeatedly hit her with a baseball bat.

The High Court in Glasgow heard how the victim then escaped from the window of the first-floor flat in Alexandria, West Dunbartonshire, on 1 March.

Sentence on Carr, who denied the sexual element of the charge, was deferred and he was remanded in custody.

The court heard how Carr attacked the woman amid claims she spat in his bacon sandwich.

'Excruciating pain'

He grabbed a baseball bat and repeatedly struck her before punching and kicking his victim.

The jury heard she was in "excruciating pain" and thought her leg had snapped.

She was left "so scared" she escaped from a first-storey window to get away from Carr.

He gave evidence during the trial and told the jury that he "regretted" what happened.

He insisted that when he first picked up the bat, he had just wanted the woman to leave the house.

Prosecutor David Young QC asked: "Why hit her?" Carr replied: "I was angry - by that time my temper had just broken. I felt hurt because she had spat in my sandwiches.

"I hit her with the baseball bat, but it was a reaction. I thought that I was entitled to ask her to leave.

"The attack only happened over a matter of seconds. If I had time to process my thoughts, I would not have hit her with the bat."

The court heard the victim tried to get out after being struck and that there was later so much blood, the woman was virtually unrecognisable.

She was said to have fled upstairs and was left "cowering" in fear.

Mr Young put to Carr that he "pursued" her to "carry on the attack".

But, Carr replied: "No, it was just to ask her why she had spat in my pieces."

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