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Clive Carter to stand trial over Khanokporn Satjawat SECC death

Clive Carter
Image caption Clive Carter has admitted killing Khanokporn Satjawat

A man who has admitted killing a Thai pharmaceutical manager with a fire extinguisher is to be tried for murder.

Clive Carter, 35, is accused of murdering Khanokporn Satjawat in the female toilets at the Clyde Auditorium in Glasgow on 12 November last year.

He has pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of culpable homicide on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

The High Court in Glasgow heard that remains unacceptable to prosecutors and a murder trial was set for next month.

At a previous hearing in June, Mr Carter, from Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, entered a guilty plea to the reduced charge.

On Monday, his QC Ian Duguid told a preliminary hearing that he would he would "renew" that plea.

After hearing that the Crown rejected the plea, judge Lord Pentland set a date for the trial, which could last up to two weeks.

Drug conference

Mrs Satjawat, 42, died while attending a conference for HIV drug therapy at the SECC complex.

Mr Carter is believed to have been working as a security guard at the time.

Prosecutors allege that he repeatedly struck Mrs Satjawat on the head and body with a fire extinguisher.

Image caption Khanokporn Satjawat was attending a pharmaceutical conference when she died

He faces a further charge that he attempted to defeat the ends of justice to try and avoid arrest.

It is claimed he cleaned blood and hair from the alleged murder weapon in a glass washing room at the Clyde Auditorium.

Mr Carter is also said to have hidden a blazer he was wearing in a nearby cabin.

He is then alleged to have told a number of people - including police - that he had seen a male carrying a fire extinguisher and taken it from him on the floor where the female toilets were located.

It is claimed he knew those statements to be "false and untrue".

Mr Carter is also charged with committing a breach of the peace by leaving a woman in "fear and alarm" at the Holiday Inn Express in the city's Stockwell Street on 4 November 2012.

It is alleged that knowing she was alone, Mr Carter claimed to be attending to a fire in her room despite knowing there was no blaze.

He is said to have repeatedly knocked on the door and entered uninvited while holding a fire extinguisher.

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