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John Wood admits Renfrewshire assaults and robberies

A man is facing a prison term after admitting assault and armed robbery charges at shops in Renfrewshire.

John Wood, 29, held up the One-o-One store in Kilbarchan Road, Johnstone, on two consecutive days in January.

He also raided Jimmy's Store in George Street, Paisley, in May but was chased off after the shopkeeper sprayed him in the face with aerosol.

At the High Court in Glasgow, sentence on Wood was deferred and he was remanded in custody.

The court heard that on 20 January Wood was armed with a claw hammer when he demanded a female worker open the tills at the One-o-One in Johnstone.

Another staff member recognised Wood as a man she knew from school.

Axe robbery

The next day Wood returned to the shop and once more demanded money.

He was again recognised by a worker, who knew his family.

Wood escaped with more than £400 in cash along with cigarettes and scratch cards during both robberies.

On 4 May, Wood, who had his face covered by tights, entered Jimmy Store in Paisley, clutching an axe.

Shopkeeper Sagir Hanif recognised Wood and said: "What are you doing? I know you."

Wood lifted the axe above his head before a struggle broke out.

Mr Hanif suffered cuts to his head and knuckles during the confrontation.

CCTV showed the shopkeeper being pushed against a sweets display as Wood grabbed banknotes from the till.

Mr Hanif shouted: "What are you doing this for, John?"

Wood replied: "My name is not John, it is Shaun."

Mr Hanif feared Wood would then use the axe on him - and grabbed a can of air freshener to repel him.

Prosecutor Sheena Fraser told the court: "He sprayed it towards John Wood's face. Wood then ran from the shop followed by Mr Hanif who continued to spray the aerosol."

Ms Fraser said £30 in cash and a number of packets of cigarettes were stolen.

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