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Replica guns stolen from car in Cardonald, Glasgow

Police have appealed for information after a number of electronic airsoft guns were stolen from a car in Glasgow.

The vehicle was broken into on Allanton Drive, Cardonald, sometime between 18:30 on Monday and 07:05 on Tuesday.

Face masks, combat vests and a blank firing grenade were also taken.

Airsoft is similar to paintball but uses non-metallic pellets launched from replica firearms called airsoft guns. They can be powered by compressed gas or electric or spring-driven pistons.

'Fear and alarm'

Police Scotland said the items stolen included H & K replica rifles, replica Glock pistols and plastic pellets.

The face masks, combat vests and blank firing grenade were contained in a large red, white and blue Diadora holdall gun bag.

Det Con Richard McCue said: "The firearms stolen are known as air electronic guns and are like for like replicas. The blank firing grenade that was stolen will not explode but will make a loud bang if thrown.

"I am anxious to recover the stolen items as they could cause fear and alarm or even injury if used incorrectly."

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