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Drunk juror Sharon Wright ordered to wear electronic tag

A woman who turned up for jury service drunk has been given an electronic tag.

Sharon Wright, 51, was a juror in a drugs trial being held at Glasgow Sheriff Court last month.

When she did not attend at court a taxi was sent to collect her. Wright was remanded in custody after telling the sheriff on arrival that she was drunk.

After admitting contempt of court, she was ordered to wear an electronic tag for six months and stay at home each day between 19:00 and 07:00.

Wright was a juror in the trial of Margaret Shennan, who was cleared of being concerned in the supply of cocaine.

'Deplorable conduct'

Imposing the tagging order, Sheriff Alan Mackenzie noted that Wright had "longstanding and entrenched problems with alcohol consumption".

He said: "While serving as a member of a jury you arrived at court almost two hours late and when you arrived you were very obviously under the influence of alcohol.

"To serve on a jury is to perform a vitally important public duty. The responsibilities of jury service must be fulfilled with the utmost care.

"Routinely, the decisions of juries have far reaching consequences in the lives of others, whether accused persons or the victims of crime.

"Your conduct was deplorable."

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