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Eon Brennan granted bail 'exception' over drugs charge

A judge has granted bail to a convicted drugs dealer after learning that jailing him now would see him held in a prison too far away from his family.

Eon Brennan was caught with heroin worth £120,000 at his Clydebank home.

He admitted possessing the drug with intent to supply.

Brennan's bail was continued as he would have been held at Saughton Prison if remanded at the High Court in Edinburgh. Instead, he will be jailed later at the High Court in Glasgow.

Prison 'inevitable'

His council Ronnie Renucci told judge Lord Doherty that he appreciated his client had pleaded guilty to a serious charge and that a custodial sentence was "inevitable".

But he asked Lord Doherty to continue Brennan's bail ahead of sentencing him next month for the crime.

He said Brennan had been on bail throughout and had been in full-time employment.

The defence counsel said that when a plea was agreed in such a case from the west it would normally call at the High Court in Glasgow.

He said that had been agreed in this case but when the indictment was served Brennan realised it had been set down for the High Court in Edinburgh.

'Acted on tip-off'

Mr Renucci said that if Brennan was remanded on Thursday, he would be taken to Saughton jail, but his family lived in the west of Scotland and it would be difficult for them to visit.

The defence counsel added that he understood if a prisoner was on remand it was not possible to get a transfer.

Lord Doherty deferred sentence in the case for the preparation of a background report and said: "I will, exceptionally, grant the motion for bail meantime."

Earlier, the court heard how police, acting on a tip-off, had raided Brennan's West Dunbartonshire home on 23 October last year.

Brennan was not home at the time and entry was forced.

Officers found heroin in a bedroom and kitchen.

Brennan later claimed that two men had come to his house, one of whom he knew but refused to name, and said they must have left the drugs in his house.

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