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Moira Anderson family asks for Coatbridge grave to be opened

Moira Anderson
Image caption Moira Anderson disappeared during severe weather

The family of a schoolgirl who disappeared in 1957 have launched a legal bid to open a grave where they believe she was buried.

Moira Anderson disappeared on a trip to her local shop in Coatbridge during a blizzard in February of that year, just weeks before her 12th birthday.

Her disappearance is now being treated as murder.

The court petition seeks permission to open a grave at the Old Monkland cemetery in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire.

It is thought Sinclair Upton, who died around the time Moira disappeared, is among those buried there.

He was said to be a friend of Alexander Gartshore, a bus driver whose own daughter believes he is the likely killer.

Mr Gartshore died six years ago, but his daughter Sandra Brown wrote a book accusing him of murder and has used the proceeds to set up the Moira Anderson Foundation to help families affected by child sexual abuse.

The petition has been lodged by Moira's sister, Janet Hart.

A spokesman for the Crown Office spokesman confirmed that it seeks authority for exhumation of a burial site.

"The Crown's position in relation to the petition will be confirmed directly to the court and it would therefore be inappropriate to comment further at this time," he added.

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