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Scott Wilson jailed for murder bid on Craig Malavin

A knife attacker who repeatedly stabbed a man and then used his mobile phone to take a picture of his helpless victim has been jailed for eight years.

Scott Wilson, 21, was convicted of the attempted murder of 22-year-old Craig Malavin in Glasgow's Scotstoun area.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that Mr Malavin was left scarred for life after Wilson and another man attacked him with a knife and a hatchet.

Wilson, from Drumchapel, was 19 at the time of the attack on 31 October 2010.

His trial heard how Mr Malavin and a friend, Adam Walton, had been in Queen Victoria Drive, Scotstoun, when they heard a car draw up and a shout that Mr Walton was going to "get stabbed".

Partially paralysed

Both ran away, but Wilson and his accomplice caught up with them.

Mr Malavin tried desperately to escape into a nearby garden.

One of his attackers said: "I'm going to stab the life out of you."

The first blow to his neck partially paralysed him.

Wilson and his accomplice then stabbed helpless Mr Malavin a further eight times on his legs, buttocks, back and abdomen.

Wilson then used his mobile phone to photograph what he had done and showed the picture to his girlfriend.

The jury were told that Mr Malavin's main injury was to his abdomen where a blade missed a major blood vessel by millimetres.

Advocate depute Murdoch MacTaggart, prosecuting, said Mr Malavin was lucky to be alive and Wilson was fortunate not to face a murder charge.

Sentencing Wilson, judge Lord Burns told him: "The attack had terrible consequences for Mr Malavin."

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