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PC Gary Cryans cleared of sex assaults on colleagues

A Strathclyde Police officer has been cleared of indecently assaulting three female colleagues.

PC Gary Cryans, 51, was alleged to have carried out a number of assaults on the women, who are all in their 20s.

He faced seven charges and told a jury at Glasgow Sheriff Court that the accusations were lies and had been made up to get him moved.

PC Cryans was cleared of sexually assaulting the three women following a week-long trial.

The court heard from the first woman, who claimed that she had ended up in PC Cryans car after getting drunk at a night out.

'Go along with'

She claimed she needed help walking and fell asleep in his car but woke up somewhere she did not recognise.

The officer told the court PC Cryans climbed on top of her and he grabbed her hand and moved it towards his crotch but that she snatched it away.

The officer told the court she texted PC Cryans because it was "easier to go along with" how he was and accepted she told him she wanted them to go away on a plane together.

The second police officer claimed PC Cryans made advances towards her while they worked together.

Procurator fiscal depute Laura Greer asked her what happened and the witness answered: "One night we were out in the car, we just parked up at the golf course one time and he tried to kiss me."

The woman told the jury she pushed PC Cryans off and asked what he was doing.

She said they had been there for a reason but instead of driving off he parked the car.

'Pitch black'

Ms Greer asked her if she could see anyone and she said "there was no-one else" and said it was "pitch black".

The third officer told the court that PC Cryans - who has 11 years police service - kissed her on a night out when they were alone, then touched her leg.

She also alleged that he pinned her to the couch and kissed her again at another party.

The witness told the court she took a few hours overtime at the end of a shift one night, and was working with PC Cryans but that she voiced her concern to others because she found him "creepy".

She alleged that he drove her through dark roads saying he wanted to show her around and that he parked at different areas.

The woman told the jury how they parked at a golf course and he told her: "Nobody knows this place, nobody knows we're here. Anything could happen here and nobody would know".

'So scared'

She said she was "so scared" she almost pressed the button on her police radio for help.

She told the court how she was scared to report the incidents to anybody and said: "You don't complain against the police, against another cop, it's just not the done thing."

In evidence PC Cryans said he had been having an affair with one of the women and everything that had happened was consensual.

He also told the jury that the second woman had kissed him on a night out.

He said everything the female officers had alleged was lies and had been made up to get him moved from the shift.

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