'Food fetish' teacher struck off


A teacher who asked a female pupil to stuff a pie down his pants has been struck off the teaching register.

Gavin Bradford was said to have made improper suggestions of a sexual nature to 20 girls at a college in Canada.

He was said to have asked them to smear themselves in ketchup and eggs and pour sour milk into their underwear.

Bradford, 37, returned home to Glasgow after the Canadian scandal and got a job as a performing arts lecturer at Coatbridge College in January 2010.

He has now been judged "unfit to teach" by the General Teaching Council Scotland.

Bradford did not turn up at the hearing in Edinburgh.

His removal from the teaching register in Scotland comes after the Ontario authorities tipped off their Scottish counterparts about his behaviour.

The exchanges happened over the internet late at night when Bradford was teaching in Canada.

He asked more than 20 girls as young as 12 to switch on their webcams during online conversations so he could watch them.

GTC presenting Officer Paul Reid said Bradford's conduct fell significantly short of the standards expected of a registered teacher.

He highlighted the nature of the correspondence between Bradford and his pupils in Canada, in particular the fact the "inappropriate and vulgar communications" had taken place outwith school hours.

He said there was a need to protect children and maintain the confidence of the public in the teaching profession.