'Curry King' Charan Gill to host meditation event

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Charan Gill says meditation helps people to "rewire" their brains and re-evaluate their lives

One of Scotland's top entrepreneurs is to host an event which aims to highlight the benefits of meditation.

Restaurateur Charan Gill, who became known as Glasgow's 'Curry King', will front 'Seeking Silence' at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on 9 June.

The event is billed as an opportunity for people to learn "how to tap into the healing power of their own inner silence".

Mr Gill said meditation had led him to make major changes to his lifestyle.

'Seeking Silence' will outline a range of meditation techniques derived from Raja Yoga.


Mr Gill said: "My interest in this technique is linked to the chaos of the modern world.

"Every morning we read the news about the eurozone crisis, Syria or the Middle East until at some point you start to question: how do you keep yourself sane in this world? When all this chaos is surrounding you, how do you stay on the straight and narrow?

"People are starting to look for different ways because the old ways, in my opinion, are broken."

He added: "This technique about re-evaluating what you're doing - it helps you rewire your brain, which is like a large computer."

'Seeking Silence' organisers said people from all religious and cultural backgrounds were welcome to attend.

Mr Gill is a former shipbuilder who founded the Harlequin Leisure Group in Glasgow in 1994. He built it into a major chain of Indian restaurants before selling it in a multi-million pound deal in 2005.

Following the sale of his restaurant empire, he wrote his autobiography 'Tikka Look at me Now' and starred in Channel 4 TV series The Secret Millionaire.

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