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Five small earthquakes felt on Islay

More small earthquakes have hit the island of Islay off the west coast of Scotland.

Five tremors shook the island between 07:04 and 09:32. One resident described a very deep, loud rumble.

The British Geological Survey recorded the strongest at a magnitude of 2.8. A spokeswoman said there were no reports of any damage.

A further four small earthquakes have already affected the area this month, reaching up to a magnitude of 2.6.

Maha Rangafamy, 28, who lives in Port Charlotte, felt one of the tremors on Wednesday morning.

She said: "I felt a vibration in the house and heard a rumbling noise. In the quake last week there was a thundery, rumbling noise."

The BGS spokeswoman said: "Globally speaking it is not a big one. It is a typical UK earthquake, though Islay is not especially prone to earthquakes.

"We've had quite a lot of reports of it being felt."

A small tremor was also recorded around Mull at 03:00.

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