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Rangers administration move 'sad' and 'bewildering'

The news that Rangers Football Club could go into administration has been described as "sad" and "bewildering" by fans.

The Ibrox side has lodged papers at the Court of Session in Edinburgh notifying an intention to declare an administrator.

Fans, pundits and politicians have been reacting to the news.

Rangers Supporters Assembly president Andy Kerr said the move was perhaps expected but no less "devastating".

He said: "I am shellshocked. Every message I have had on my mobile has mentioned how sad it is.

"Some of us fans had expected that we might face this day but that it has happened so quickly has been shocking.

"It is devastating and it leaves us with more questions than answers. I wonder what the trigger was? People want to know what it means."

Mr Kerr also questioned what would happen to the players and the employees at Ibrox.

He added: "If it is all going down the swanny then the ramifications are horrendous."

The news that formal moves towards administration had been made broke on Monday afternoon.

It comes as Rangers awaits a tax tribunal decision over a disputed bill plus penalties totalling £49m.

'Galvanise supporters'

Fans who had just come out of a stadium tour at Ibrox told BBC Scotland they were extremely surprised.

One said: "It's a shambles. I don't understand how a club with the tradition and success that it had had can let itself go to such a state of rot and ruin.

"You never think it would happen to a club with such a loyal following as what this club has. It's bewildering, shall we say."

Another added: "Hopefully it doesn't happen but if the rumours are true then it is not very good."

One fan, Caroline Hodgart, said Rangers owner Craig Whyte had walked past them as they visited the stadium earlier. She said he looked to be in a "hurry".

"We were just on a tour for my dad's birthday and no-one said anything about this.

"It's Ally McCoist I feel sorry for. He is just in the door."

Image caption Fans, pundits and politicians have been reacting to the news

Another fan added: "It is really sad. It's really upsetting."

Robert Marshall who runs a well-known Rangers bar near Ibrox, the Louden Tavern, remained optimistic.

He said: "Craig Whyte knows what he's doing and Rangers will come out of this stronger.

"This will galvanise the supporters."

Tom English, chief sports writer at Scotland on Sunday, said the move had been expected but was still shocking.

He said: "I would equate it to the death of a very sick relative. You know it is going to happen but it is still a shock when it does."

Mr English told BBC Scotland that Rangers owner Craig Whtye had indicated to him that this may be coming in an interview a fortnight ago.

He added: "I believe that Craig Whyte's strategy all along has been to put this club into administration, even though he has absolutely denied that.

"It has been like trying to get into Fort Knox to try to find out what his game plan is. We still don't know what his game plan is.

"Where will Rangers be at the start of next season? It's anybody's guess. It depends on how much money this guy actually has."

Continuing dialogue

Scottish Sports Minister Shona Robison described Rangers as "a crucial part of Scotland's national game".

She added: "I understand that Rangers and HMRC are continuing dialogue and we obviously want to see an agreement which will protect jobs and enable the club to stay in business.

"Our interest is ensuring that a resolution can be arrived at between HMRC and the club to deliver these vital objectives."

Scottish Labour's sports spokeswoman, Patricia Ferguson MSP, said: "Rangers are one of the oldest football clubs in Scotland and it would be a sad day for Scottish football if after over 130 years the club was to be wound up.

"I very much hope that for the sake of the game, the jobs and economic impact this could have, the club resolve their difficulties."

Supporters and celebrities have also been using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to comment on the news.

They included Lord Sugar, who tweeted: "News that Glasgow Rangers may go into administration. If they do they will have points deducted, could be a mess."

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