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Woman detained for killing mother with 60 stab wounds

A woman who killed her mother in a knife attack has been ordered to be detained at a psychiatric hospital.

Carol Craig, 33, stabbed her 52-year-old mother Frances 60 times on the head and body with a kitchen knife in Glasgow last March.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard Craig was suffering from the recurrence of a schizoaffective disorder.

Judge Lord Tyre told her he was satisfied the conditions were met for detaining her without limit of time.

The trial had heard that after the attack at her mother's home Craig, wearing heavily blood-stained pyjamas, was spotted walking along the street with two young children.

She was originally charged with the murder, but her plea to the reduced charge of culpable homicide was accepted on the basis of diminished responsibility.

Mental health

The court heard that Craig had a long involvement with psychiatric services prior to the attack in Medwyn Street, Whiteinch, in Glasgow on 7 March.

She had spoken to an uncle before going to her mother's house on the night of the attack.

Advocate depute Laura Thomson said: "She was sobbing and distressed and not making sense."

At about 06:00 she was seen walking along the city's Dumbarton Road covered in blood stains.

Jugular vein

The court heard that about 50 of the wounds inflicted on her mother had penetrated to a depth of five centimetres or more, with 10 of them going in at least 10 centimetres.

The jugular vein had been penetrated, with other wounds penetrating both lungs.

Craig later claimed to defence lawyers that her mother had been aggressive towards her and struck her on the head with an ashtray.

But Ms Thomson said: "It is not known what, if anything, triggered the accused's actions on March 7."

Defence counsel Dale Hughes said that it seemed from speaking to a nurse that Craig was doing well in her current surroundings.

She was earlier placed at the Rowanbank psychiatric clinic.

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