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Tianhui Zhan held indefinitely over Michael Davis death

image captionMichael Davis was attacked while walking in the centre of Glasgow

A teenager who stabbed a cleaner to death because he thought he was a zombie has been sent to the State Hospital at Carstairs indefinitely.

Tianhui Zhan, 19, attacked 21-year-old Michael Davis in Glasgow's West Campbell Street in October last year.

The Canadian was previously found not guilty of murder by reason of insanity.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard that Zhan can only be released from the State Hospital with the approval of medics and Scottish ministers.

At the end of an earlier trial, judge Michael O'Grady QC told jurors that they should find Zhan not guilty of murder because expert witnesses had testified that he was insane.

Stab wounds

The trial heard that on 13 October last year Mr Davis was talking on his mobile phone in West Campbell Street as he moved from one cleaning job to another.

After Zhan stabbed him three times, Mr Davis staggered to an office in Bothwell Street where his aunt was working.

He died in hospital the following day from his injuries.

The court heard that Zhan, who is of Chinese origin but lived with his parents in Canada, booked a flight to Toronto via Amsterdam.

He was stopped in the Dutch city because he had no passport and later extradited to Scotland.

While detained, he told a psychiatrist he had travelled from Canada to Scotland because "voices" said he should.

Zhan then started to hallucinate, seeing blood on people's faces and thought they were zombies. He said he was afraid Mr Davis was a zombie who was going to attack him.

At the High Court in Edinburgh on Wednesday, forensic psychiatrist Dr Ian Dewar, described his findings after looking after Zhan in the State Hospital.

'High security'

He reported: "He requires to be cared for in conditions of high security.

"He has a well-established history of avoiding contact with medical health services unless compelled to do so."

Zhan's condition had got worse because he was not taking his pills, the trial heard.

Dr Dewar said if it happened again the public could be at risk.

The psychiatrist said: "The offence that Zhan was acquitted of by reason of mental illness was so grave that, very clearly, he needs to be carefully supervised in future - I suspect for the rest of his life."

After hearing the psychiatrist's evidence, temporary judge Michael O'Grady QC made an order sending Zhan to the State Hospital indefinitely.

The judge said: "I have already observed at some length that this is an immensely sad and tragic case. Still, there is nothing anyone can do to turn back the clock."

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