Cat rescued after four nights in Fife tree in freezing temperatures

Image source, Stephen Clark

A cat has been rescued after spending four nights in freezing temperatures at the top of a 70ft tree in Fife.

The male cat, which is under a year old, had been chased up the tree in Townhill near Dunfermline by dogs on Saturday.

It was finally brought down to the ground by tree surgeons following a huge rescue operation after the fire brigade had been unsuccessful.

It was rescued and taken straight to a vet on Wednesday.

Rhona Gordon, Fife Cat Shelter co-ordinator, told BBC Scotland: "It is a miracle it has survived in these freezing temperatures, it was -2C last night."

Image source, Lorna Clark

Lorraine Waugh said she saw dogs chasing the young cat in the wood near her home on Saturday.

When she went to take a look she saw the cat 50ft up the tree and when it was still there 24 hours later she called the Scottish SPCA and an operator told her to call back if it was still there 48 hours later.

A tree surgeon attempted to climb the tree wearing special spike shoes but only managed to get half way up before the wind forced him back down.

A roofer then made an attempt and reached 50ft but his ladders could not go any higher.

Ms Waugh said neighbours had to use binoculars to see it because it was so high.

"I was so worried about the wee thing as I thought it might fall and break its back and I could hear its distressed miaows.

"The fire brigade came out on Monday and skooshed it with their hoses but it just went higher to 70ft.

"It was so high the only way I could see it was by going out each night and shining my torch to catch the reflection of its eyes and that's how I knew it was still there."

The Fife Cat Shelter then called lots of tree surgeons and a team managed to reach the cat on Wednesday. They put it in a bag and lowered it to the ground using ropes.

The cat has since been called Shapes after the tree surgeon company that managed to rescue the cat.

Image source, Kerry Lessells
Image caption,
The cat has been named Shapes after the tree surgeon business the rescuers were from

Lorna Clark, of Fife Cat Shelter, said it was now recovering at their cattery in Fife's Gairneybridge.

Ms Clark said: "There were so many people that tried to get this cat down, it was a monumental effort and the heroes of the day were Graeme and Gordon from Shapes.

"They saved the day. It is fantastic news the cat survived."

Image source, Lorna Clark
Image caption,
Shapes the cat is now recovering at a cattery in Fife's Gairneybridge

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