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Police investigate obscene calls to Fife councillors


An investigation is under way after a number of female councillors in Fife received obscene phone calls.

The women were called by a man, claiming to be a stripper, who made sexual remarks and suggested he go to their homes.

One Fife councillor told BBC Scotland that she was left shaken by the call, which was made about 20:00 on Tuesday.

Police Scotland said it was investigating and Fife Council has offered support and advice.

Councillor Mary Lockhart, who represents Lochgelly, Cardenden and Benarty, said the caller left her frightened because she thought he was going to go to her house.

She added she also spoke to several colleagues who received similar calls.

Felt vulnerable

"I called the police because I was shaking, which I didn't expect to be because I'm a robust character but it was the feeling of the unknown of what was going to happen next that upset me," she said.

"I thought why would someone want to scare the wits out of a bunch of middle aged women and thought therefore there must be something else behind it.

"It made me feel very vulnerable in my own home."

Andrew Ferguson, of Fife Council, confirmed the council was aware of the incident and support and advice was available to anyone affected.

He said: "The fact that female councillors have been targeted in this way is very concerning and we would urge anyone who is receiving nuisance calls of this nature to report the matter to the police."

A Police Scotland spokeswoman confirmed they were investigating the nuisance phone call to Ms Lockhart.

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