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New Edinburgh Castle governor is Robert the Bruce descendant

Maj Alastair Bruce
Image caption Maj General Alastair Bruce, 58, it was a huge privilege to take on the role as governor

A descendant of Robert the Bruce has started his first day in his new post as governor of Edinburgh Castle.

Maj General Alastair Bruce, 58, said it was a huge privilege to take on the role as he watched the One O'Clock Gun being fired.

His ancestor Robert the Bruce ordered the destruction of the castle's defences to prevent its re-occupation by the English in 1314.

Four months later, his army secured victory at the Battle of Bannockburn.

Image copyright Cpl Nick Johns RLC
Image caption Major General Alastair Bruce watching Edinburgh's One O'Clock Gun being fired

The role of the governor is a historic one, dating back to 1067, and in modern times a senior military officer has been appointed in the role.

The governor taking part in many ceremonial events, including royal gun salutes and The Ceremony of The Keys.

Gen Bruce told BBC Scotland: "It is a huge privilege and a chance for this Bruce, because I really feel that family story, to be emblematically the head of the armed forces, who are serving this nation here in Scotland.

"Being based here in the castle, which has its wonderful story connected directly with the whole history of our nation.

"And we're here to project the role of the armed forces to the nation and also to demonstrate our duty to protect everything that is important to Scotland and the United Kingdom."

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