Mystery over tiny robots left on beach

By Angie Brown
BBC Scotland, Edinburgh and East reporter

Image source, Ryan McGoverne

Tiny wooden robots have been found on a beach, sparking a social media appeal to track down their creator.

The 6in high figures have been left at Portobello Beach, on the outskirts of Edinburgh, over recent weekends.

Ryan McGoverne, 42, from Leith, found four of the robots while walking at the beach.

Now he is trying to trace the person who made the "finely crafted" figures, which feature Scrabble-style lettering, so he can say thanks.

His Facebook posts of the robots have been viewed tens of thousands of times.

Image source, Ryan McGoverne

Mr McGoverne said he found the first figure sitting on top of a disused fountain, looking out to sea.

"Curiosity made me pick it up. It had a note attached saying it was handmade from recycled wood and free to whomever found it," he said.

"Then I was back at Portobello promenade last weekend and I found three, so I took one because I have five-year-old twins. They both have one now.

"They are finely crafted, a lot of time and care has gone into them."

He said he wanted to thank the person who made the figures, which have names like JE9, H4I1 and Z10.

Image source, Ryan McGoverne
Image source, Ryan McGoverne