Street performers to take contactless tips at Edinburgh Fringe

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The Edinburgh Fringe is to become the first festival to allow people to use contactless technology to tip street performers.

Artists entertaining at specific spaces along the Royal Mile will be equipped with special readers to take fixed-amount payments.

It comes after feedback which noted a drop in the number of people carrying cash.

The 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe will run from 3-27 August.

Street performer Scott Hutchison said: "Until now, I've relied on cash contributions from audiences and I have definitely noticed a dip as the number of people carrying cash has decreased.

"The introduction of iZettle Readers at the Fringe is really exciting, future-proofing street performance and offering audiences an additional method of payment when showing their appreciation."

Image source, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society has partnered with fintech company iZettle to become the world's first contactless tap-to-tip festival, according to organisers.

Six tap-to-tip stations will be set up in the Royal Mile street events arena for the 2018 Fringe.

It is planned to extend the partnership over the coming years to cater for more of the festival's street performers.

Andy Meldrum, street events manager at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society, said: "Our street events are open to anyone and attract performers from all over the world.

"Artists rely on the generosity of the general public who stop to take in their shows when passing through our street event arenas.

"Whilst cash contributions have worked for street entertainers for hundreds of years, we need to respond to the changing circumstances, which are affecting street performers all over the world.

"Our partnership with iZettle is set to ensure our performers continue to get the support they deserve."

Readers will be available at Virgin Money street events.

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