Birdwatcher snaps surprise whale shot in front of castle

Image source, Adrian Plumb
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Adrian calls this a 'shot of a lifetime' after catching a humpback whale with Edinburgh Castle in the background

Birdwatcher Adrian Plumb got more than he bargained for when he caught an "image of a lifetime" while looking for a tiny bird.

He managed to capture spectacular pictures of a humpback whale in front of Edinburgh Castle.

The huge mammal was swimming in the Firth of Forth while Adrian looked on from Kinghorn in Fife.

He admitted the scene unfolding just kept getting better as the whale swam closer to the landmark.

Image source, Adrian Plumb
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A humpback whale had been spotted recently in the Firth of Forth

Adrian said it was sheer luck: "I went birdwatching in Fife on Saturday and spent a few hours photographing the smallest bird in Scotland - the Goldcrest - at Lochore Meadows Country Park.

"I then went to the coast to Kinghorn as I had heard that a whale had been sighted recently."

When he got there, Adrian saw about 30 people at the harbour looking out for it.

Eventually the whale showed up.

Image source, Adrian Plumb
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Now you see it, now you don't: the whale makes a splash as it delights whale watchers in Fife

Adrian said; "As it moved up the Forth, I realised the backdrop to the scene was getting better all the time as it became level with the castle.

"It's certainly the most exciting set of photos I've taken.

"I have been shocked by the response - I enjoy taking pictures and I am thrilled that others seem to like them."

Ron Macdonald, a former director of policy at Scottish Natural Heritage, also managed to capture images of the whale.

He tweeted that he had had a "great day" watching three humpback whales in Firth of Forth.

Image source, Ron Macdonald
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Ron Macdonald also managed to capture an image of a whale in the Firth of Forth