'Matter of luck' that Easyjet plane missed drone


It was only a matter luck a passenger jet landing at Edinburgh Airport avoided a collision with a drone, according to a safety report.

The review of the incident at the end of November last year said the Easyjet pilot had no time to take avoiding action.

The pilot estimated the untraced drone was at the same height as the aircraft and only about 75ft (23m) away.

The Airprox Board said a collision had only been avoided "by providence".

The pilot reported the incident to police on landing.

An Edinburgh Airport spokesman confirmed there had been a near miss and said: "Safety of aircraft on our flight paths is paramount - we would strongly encourage all of those who intend to use drones to do so responsibly and under the auspices of the CAA Drone code."

A spokesman for Easyjet said: "In line with our standard procedure the pilot reported the incident and the aircraft landed normally.

"The safety and wellbeing of passengers and crew is always Easyjet's highest priority.

"Easyjet recognises the growing popularity of drones and therefore welcomes efforts by EASA, the CAA and other regulators across Europe, which govern regulation in this area, to ensure that the correct measures and regulations are put in place to ensure that aviation remains safe."

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