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Woman attempts to climb Mount Everest twice

Mollie Hughes Image copyright Mike Wilkinson

An Edinburgh worker is aiming to make history by becoming the youngest Briton to climb Mount Everest from both sides.

Mollie Hughes, 26, from Torbay, Devon, plans to tackle the world's highest peak (8,848m) for a second time in May.

She successfully climbed the mountain from its south side in 2012.

The north route from a base camp in Tibet is said to expose mountaineers to colder and windier conditions than the south, while negotiating altitudes of more than 8,500m in the "death zone".

Ms Hughes, who works at outdoor retailer Tiso, plans to take on the north side of the mountain to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

The feat would see her become the youngest British national, the youngest European woman and the first English female to scale the peak from both the north and south sides.

The current British record is held by Lynne Hanna, 54, from Northern Ireland, who achieved ascents from both sides in 2016.

On her trip, primarily supported by Tiso, Ms Hughes will be joined by Jon Gupta, an experienced climber from Mountain Expeditions.

Image copyright Mike Wilkinson

Ms Hughes said: "To climb Mount Everest is an incredible experience, one that is also the ultimate test of your psychological resolve and ability to cope with physical suffering.

"After over two years of preparation, training is going well and I am really excited to be climbing with Jon Gupta.

"I love climbing and adventurous activities. Hopefully, my second expedition to Mount Everest will inspire other young women to realise that with careful planning and determination, challenges can be overcome and dreams achieved."

Chris Tiso, chief executive of Tiso Group, said: "A talented and focused climber, Mollie Hughes is an inspirational young woman.

"I am very proud that Tiso will be returning to Mount Everest in support of Mollie Hughes Everest 2017 bid for which she is making meticulous preparation.

"All at Tiso Group wish her a safe and successful expedition."

The climbers will travel to China in early April to acclimatise, with the aim to stand on top of Mount Everest on 19 May in temperatures of minus 40C.