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'UVF member' jailed over attack in Anstruther

A drugs gang member who claimed to be in the Ulster Volunteer Force has been jailed over a violent attack in a Fife village.

Edward Lindsay, 36, battered a man in a case of mistaken identity after a fight in a pub.

Belfast-born Lindsay was jailed for 18 months over the attack on Paul Pender, 43, in Anstruther, Fife.

He has previously served a 10-year jail term for being a member of an alleged UVF drugs gang in Edinburgh.

Dundee Sheriff Court heard that the latest attack came after Lindsay was asked to intervene following an "altercation" in a pub in Anstruther.

Wearing a balaclava, he and Scott Murray, 40, of Pittenweem, went to the home of Shane Pender but attacked his father Paul by mistake.

Mr Pender was dragged from the house and beaten.

'Meat cleaver'

He told the court the assault only stopped when a witness claimed to have seen a meat cleaver in Lindsay's hand and said they were calling the police.

A charge that Lindsay was in possession of the knife was found not proven.

Sheriff Simon Collins QC jailed Lindsay for 18 months and Murray for 13 months.

He said: "Edward Lindsay, your record of offending is a serious one.

"The jury found you guilty of a serious assault and they accepted you did that with your face masked in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid identification.

"Scott Murray, I would be failing in my duty not to impose a custodial sentence on you as well."

Lindsay was previously convicted for his part in an abduction in which the victim was grabbed, hooded, bundled into a car and subjected to severe violence.

Sources in Northern Ireland said the group were not connected to the UVF, but were using the name to create fear.

Lindsay was released in 2009 and set up home in of Anstruther, taking up a job as a chef in St Andrews.

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